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About me

I am Sebastian Michael Schleußner (Schleussner), hailing from Baroque astronomer Johannes Kepler's birth town Weil der Stadt in south-western Germany and now at home in Uppsala in Sweden. I studied electrical engineering with a specialization on energy conversion at Stuttgart University and then did my Ph.D., mostly on essentially material-science questions, at Uppsala University's Ångström Laboratory. Following that, a chance opportunity allowed me to make one of my long-time hobbies (programming) my profession in a field related to another interest (linguistics), becoming a software developer at the language-technology department and in a machine-translation company.

My hobbies include music, especially early music – which this site is mostly about –, assorted technological and scientific topics, etymology, and literature.

You can contact me by e-mail here.

About this site

On this site I share fruits of computer-assisted choral and instrumental music-making, concentrating mostly on my main field of interest, early music — spanning from the Renaissance to the early Baroque era, or about the period of 1400—1670. It is a collection of material that I have prepared for various musical groups in which I have been active: Sheet music, notation files useful for rehearsing1, lyrics translations, and sometimes some other background info that I have come across.

Since 2008 I have also been recording many of our gigs, and as far as I have clearance to share them those are also found here.

Links pointing in particular to MIDI/PDF sound/sheet music files look like this, while links to MP3 recordings have this colour.

I also have a blog, A Light in the Darkness, where I occasionally may share thoughts, findings and experiences (though the last entry as of this writing lies a long time in the past).

1  Most of my music editions are created with the note editor NoteWorthy Composer (NWC) version 2.75, which I warmly recommend. I usually can and gladly do provide source files in NWC format upon request if they are not already linked to.